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Part of Mystery Method in showing Active Disinterest.

These can range from sending your target little ambiguous comments to actual insults, depending upon the level of self esteem and social value of your target.

If you happen to find any we're missing, please send it to us and we'll be happy to add it to the list.

We've got the most complete list of pick up artist acronyms and abbreviations around, from AA to ZNS!

Here is a list of common PUA (Pickup Artist) terms, as used on message boards online over the last several years, where men talk about how to pickup women.

Meanings and originator are also list where the information was available.

This, similar to zombieing, is supposedly when a “ghoster” returns to life to start liking all your posts.

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Everything from the way SB’s talk with their own lingo, act on a daily basis and carry themselves to attract daddies is so appealing. We’re here to break down the most common acronyms and terms used to guide you in the Sugar Bowl.: Little Black Dress – Commonly used between SB females when discussing fashion.

They’re uncovering a lot of secret facets of the lives of young adults that seem incredibly unrealistic to like, actual young adults.

On Monday it was that definitely-not-made-up spreadsheet where city workers in London rated their coke dealers – suggesting that a) there are people out there putting their weekends in jeopardy by ratting out their strangely priced coke dealers to The Sun (who is buying coke for £40 or £180 a gram?

This form of internet stalking, which literally every person on this earth has done but also refuses to admit to, is categorised by The Sun as a way of “showing you like someone”, which indicates that someone in their office is actually photos on a person’s Instagram from four years back because they’re labouring under the unfortunate illusion that it’s sweet and not creepy. Screenshot it and send it to your Whats App group, don’t it you amateur.

They’ve called someone looking good and having a well curated Tinder profile being “e-fit”.

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