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Can anyone give me a reason why this happened and how I can fix this problem?(Assuming that what you mean is, this site is showing up under your domain? Were you searching for your URL and the adult dating website was one of the search results or did you click your website from the search results and it got redirected to the adult dating website? " there will be many pages that come up in the results. If yes, then I stand by my original assessment that the site has been hacked.Please post your recommendations in the comments below!I have a REST URL to get all users formatted like this: To get an individual user by id: To get all user's bids: To get all user's bids between two dates: More clarification even if not revealing the actual domain name could help. (You need to do a site:search to search for only those pages which are indexed for your site.) What are the chances that potential visitors to your site would search for domain, but in the serps for yours?Obviously I edited that third one in, but notice that results appear for other domains, such as Wikipedia, not because they exist at, or have anything much to do with the site, but because is mentioned there. the site files and directories, to check if anything has been added or altered.They took out some of the malware but not all of it. Compare them to the files in a fresh version of Joomla - that way you will know if they are extra files, or belong to Joomla.

So if they only provided "start" then it would get all bids after that date, or if they only provided "end" it would get all bids before that date.This left me with just 49 that had Dmoz Scrub the Web Directory World So Much Jayde R Directory net T Section Free Website Directory Wwwi Vie Search 1 Abc Business Seek Cipinet Directory My Link Directory Fire Pro Link Directory Pedsters Planet Amray Gain Web Link Book The Web Directory Scrabble Stop Submission 4u Suggest URL Elite Sites Directory Inteligentd Linkpedia 1 Webs Directory 9 Sites Synergy Directory Wikid Web 247 Web Directory Pi Series PR3 Plus Nexus Directory The Net Directory Linkdir Best Free Websites Suggest Site Nipao Sighber Cafe Digg Directory 10 Directory Vision Web Directory Xysyst SEO Free Links Dir4uk PR Web Link Royal Link Up Aditya Webs Directory Books Leading Link Directory Answer Spots SEO Up Link Good Useful Links Vision Web SEO UK Listingz Web Apps Directory Find Website Local net uk 1uk links.submission419247pr310dir4uk I hope this list is helpful to your own backlink building efforts IMPORTANT UPDATE: This was one of the first ever posts I published on this blog.The reason you found it on Google is because since then this blog has grown to become an authority site on link building and now ranks for a number of highly competitive keywords in the SEO niche: The secret to my success has been down to using Buzz Stream and Ahrefs, which were voted the best tools for link building by 55 SEO experts here.Remember to check things like the cgi directory, even if you expect it to be empty.The post I linked to earlier has more detailed information.

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