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A newly minted physician, Dorian Cramer (Pinkerton) arrives in fictional Llanview, Pennsylvania on the episode first-run April 30, 1973, along with her mentally ill sister, Melinda (Patricia Pearcy). Upon learning of their affair, she schemes to drive them apart.Dorian takes a physician position at Llanview Hospital, where she quickly engages in a romantic affair with her married colleague, Dr. After attacking Mark with a butcher's knife, Melinda is sent to a mental institution in 1974. During an intense exchange between the two, Dorian makes a careless error on a medical chart, resulting in the accidental death of terminally-ill patient Rachel Wilson Farmer (Nancy Barrett)."I just told him today, 'You're the love of my life.' I don't really ever say that to anybody.I don't want anybody that's been in my life [before to be] in my life anymore.I don't even want them to have any way of contacting me.[Though Tony still contacts his exes], I'm not a jealous girlfriend... Swearing revenge on Viki, Dorian becomes the private physician to Viki's ailing father, Victor Lord (Shepperd Strudwick), after she saves him from a near fatal heart-attack while at a party in her home.With dollar signs on her mind, Dorian ended up marrying a grateful Victor in May 1975, to Viki's chagrin.

As they argued over how to handle the situation, Dorian accidentally falls down a flight of stairs and goes into a coma.

Upon waking, Dorian confesses and is immediately fired by the hospital board.

An angered Dorian, burgeoning medical career dashed, blames Victoria "Viki" Lord Riley (Erika Slezak), a prominent hospital board member, for her termination. What Dorian didn't know, uncovered in 2004, is that Viki cast the lone vote against her termination.

With their adversarial relationship as heated as ever, Dorian decided to try her hands at Viki's husband, Joe Riley (Lee Patterson).

Dorian fueled the fire even more when she told Joe that he was responsible for the hereditary heart condition which afflicted his late daughter with Cathy Craig (Jennifer Harmon), Megan, a secret that Viki kept from him.

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