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In fact, one of the most epic lingering questions fans have from the show is whether or not the final episodes were hinting that Freddie would end up with Sam or Carly.

Luckily for us, the mystery may be solved soon enough..

Over the years Carly and Freddie started to get a little more serious. before I sign off, I have something to say." Freddie said as he got down on one knee."Freddie, what on Earth are you doing? ""I have been waiting since we met to ask you this question, Carly Shay, will you marry me?

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Freddie took the camera back from Gibby and shut off the link. She didn't like kissing him in front of Spencer, Sam, and Gibby. It was a simple yet expensive ring."Freddie how did you….. where did you….." Carly was cut off by Freddie pulling her into a hug and eventually kissing her. If you like we could get married after college, that way we could have a longer time to plan.""I think we are engaged that we should get married before we go to college.

So, uh, a lot of people have been talking about whether Sam and I should, you know, go out with each other. It's, not a joyful life but, not much worse than the life I used to have. without consequences- [Nora interrupts with a guilty noise] A person never learns- [Nora interrupts once again with a gulity noise] Oh, just let her go, let her go! And since your life up to this point has been truly.. [clicks his pen and starts writing] Nora Dershlit is hereby granted parole, to be immediately released, to the custody of her parents.

And it's like wondering of Sam is crazy for wanting to, but nobody asked me how I feel. At least now I'm surrounded by other prisoners so, in a way, I finely have friends. Nora's Mother: Ok kids, we don't need to talk about that terrible day!

It was the last i Carly show before Freddie, Sam, and Carly graduated from High School."We're live in 5…4…3...2..." Freddie pointed to Carly and Sam as always, but for the last time.

Spencer was in the room along with Gibby who was going to take the camera from Freddie near the end of the show. Carly and Freddie started to date shortly after they escaped from the sound studio in the i Psyco movie.

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