Im too picky with dating men

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If they do not then go your own way and never tell anyone why they are wrong for you. lol They really believe that they are now bullet proof from getting played. Captain Joe op, i think you're well within reason..overly picky.

Don't apologize for it and don't settle for less than what you want. To most sane people loneliness is far better than frustration. Being picky or desiring certain attributes in a love interest is not the same thing has having a bad attitude towards those who you find unattractive. I have no idea since I don't know you, but being picky is no indication that you're stuck up.)Ever hear the saying "kissing a ashtray" ? Let's say you meet this great guy who is totally down on his luck and he smokes because he has never had anyone care for him enough to help him quit.The job thing seems arrogant, as most people are getting laid-off because of the economy.The no-smokers thing is fine."Picky" seems to a code word on POF, I see it quite often. Continue right on being yourself, if you don't want to be with a smoker, why should you put up with it.More importantly, if you're willing to tolerate smokers so long as they don't do it around you, I think that further detracts from the possibility of being picky.Bottom line: it's not a crime to have standards; it's like our own natural selection that sorts and guides us towards others.

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