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Check with Jean Ann Marshall (903-537-4569) or Sue Soetenga (903-860-3979) before your visit.You can count on the group almost every Wednesday year round.If you have a study group, family group, or child or grandchild who has admired an heirloom quilt you own, then stop by the house and let your friends get a lesson in how that quilt was made.If you have a quilt top that is stuck back in a drawer because no one ever got around to quilting it; then get Jean Ann and Sue to give you an estimate on the cost to quilt the heirloom and the color scheme and pattern that might be used in the actual quilt stitching for your heirloom. And take advantage of the opportunity to see them in action; take friends and family in to see this living history program; and walk Dupree Park while you are out there. Can you wear overalls and put on a conductor’s hat?The extra money the quilting group brings in is great and helps pay for extra programs and expenses we incur.I think the quilting group would welcome people stopping in to study with them and learn the art.It is sitting on the northeast corner of our grounds.In the depot we have two more small pulley carts used for hauling freight.

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July 23, 2009 – Help Needed for a Blacksmith’s Shop Have you looked inside the blacksmith shop behind the depot. It really can be made to work without a lot of trouble. If someone could actually make something, all the better. And what a good reminder of the heritage of this community.

Teague Chevrolet had its roots in a blacksmith shop operated by Hiram Teague’s grandfather on the corner of the square which was sold for the courthouse location in 1912. If you want to bring children along or a potential volunteer who might be interested in taking up the hobby, please stop in.

July 27, 2009 – Quilting at the Thruston House Have you ever stopped in at the Thruston House on a Wednesday afternoon. Jean Ann Marshall writes: “We want to promote what the quilters are doing.

We need a steward for the depot; to keep those batteries checked out and to watch over the facility. Someone let me know you’ll undertake this, and we’ll entrust you with a key to the building. August 7, 2009 – Help for the Horse-Drawn Implements Help. We have a great collection of mule drawn farm equipment. Stalk cutters from the time when you harvested the corn and then cut the stalks for livestock feed.

We have original advertisement wrapping paper from stores which have been out of business for over a century hanging on the walls in the depot and canceled train tickets (check out the Mt. We need the drapes pulled to keep these artifacts from fading. August 6, 2009 – Items of Interest Have you checked out the actual Republic of Texas currency in the frames on the walls in the downstairs of the Fire Station Museum? Vernon – 32 pages of history – with ghost reports – edited by Jean Ann Marshall. Fresnos and slips used before modern bulldozers to dig out pools and to excavate road drainage. We have Mc Cormicks that should be painted back to their original red and yellow paint.

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