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It also allows for values to passed as an attribute on the tag, as well as a comment inside the tag.

The plugin was written by Gareth Watts for Splunk Inc and released under the New BSD License.

If necessary, options can be passed as attributes on each tag.

This requires setting the enable Tag Options option when calling the sparklines() function and reduces performance somewhat (more critical on IE6) Each option must be prefixed with "spark", though this can be changed by passing a tag Option Prefix option to the sparkline() function You can also override the default options for all subsequent sparklines by assigning values to $sparkline.defaults Eg.

This is the technique this site uses to handle the sparklines that are hidden in the different tabbed sections; the site calls the routine in the tab-changed callback.

Note that as of version 2.0, support for hidden sparklines can be disabled by supplying the disabled Hidden Check option.

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