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The direction of Skype began to change with an emphasis on sociability.

The result was that Skpecasts were introduced in May 2006.

These Skype Find and business directory services remained active until the release of Skype 5.2.

During this transition period, the directory contained much more information than the service provides today.

By 2010, Skype 4.1 was ingrained in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Skype set its sights on the mobile marketplace such as Android, i Phone and i Pad. In December 2010, Skype video calls became available to i Phone users. Skype continued to expand into new markets and achieved accessibility to such applications as Linux, smart TVs, Skype phones and consoles.

With the release of the Beta 2.0 version in 2005, Skype zoomed to new levels of popularity.

These communications resembled chat rooms that were directed by a host who determined who could speak next.

Meanwhile, e Bay became increasingly disenchanted with their investment, losing millions of dollars every year. The company cited that the program had failed to maintain the expected minimum quality standard.

Several Skype functions like Skype Find and the Skye business directory were maintained by the community of Skype users.

Large numbers of consumers began to shift to the new platform. A Bing search bar was also included in the installer.

In November 2012, Microsoft announced that Skype would become the main Microsoft messaging service, eliminating its proprietary Messenger service. Skype gradually adapted much of Microsoft’s overall style.

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