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On the other side of the telephone, a frightening reality: his wife, his sons, and the mission of choosing the right material for heaven knows what part of the house.When we consider Bob's situation, we realise that Lost in Translation is also a meditation on the misery of fame.In the shots where we actually see her crossing the street, however, she is instead walking towards the station.See more » It is not easy to talk about "Lost in Translation".

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Os rapazes se enveredam por jams que levam facilmente o ouvinte, ora a redes cósmicas jamais tocadas e sonhadas por nenhum humano, ora as paisagens desoladas e incandescentes do deserto do sudoeste estadunidense, ora a mundos arcanos e esotéricos recortados diretamente das obras do Jodorowski. Both Bob and Charlotte are feeling lost by their current situations, which are not helped by the cultural barriers they feel in Tokyo, those cultural barriers extending far beyond just not...In the scene where Charlotte arrives at Shibuya Crossing, the camera shot from her point of view suggests she is crossing away from Shibuya Station, viewing the dinosaur on the jumbo-tron across the street.Sofia Coppola's second film as a director is in part about things we never talk about.While its two protagonists try to find mutual solace in each other, their silence is as expressive as their words.

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