Xmlvalidatingreader is obsolete vb net

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When I fill out a bug I want to just fill out the error info and not take 5 minutes just to get to the point of actually filling a bug report. Hi, I think I have same problem, I copied my ws to another machine in my intranet, with the release of 2.0. Socket Exception: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it at System. now when after deploying my client (winform which connects to ws), I get the following error: System. Web Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server --- System. Public Function Validate XML(By Val str XML As String) As Boolean ' er how do I get the schema file into here? Dim document As Xml Document = New Xml Document() document. Validate(Address Of Validation Event Handler) End Function Private Sub Validation Event Handler(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Validation Event Args) ' Gonna return false here but haven't got to it yet! Validate(Address Of Validation Event Handler) End Function Hi Jose, that was a useful example but I had seen it before. Dim schema As Xml Reader Dim settings As Xml Reader Settings = New Xml Reader Settings() settings. Prob set a variable for use above End Sub Public Function Validate XML(By Val str XML As String) As Boolean Dim xsd Path As String = "path to your xsd" Dim schema As Xml Reader = Xml Reader. I think that code is using a built in schema for the XML / or schema link as it doesn't show how the schema is added, is that right?

Add("datatypes Test", "sample4.xsd") Add Handler vr. Validation Event Handler, Address Of Validation Call Back While vr.

While I think cleaning up interfaces is not a bad idea, deprecating many of these old apis in this ways is a pain. should I modify the machine.config or the app.config , is it client-or-server side problem?? Thanks in advance, Ilan :) I have the same issue as that of Breezback, i tried using proxy approach but no help.

I know, I know I can turn this off, but this code ships to customers and they'd have to turn it off too... NET Page Script objects, which have all moved to a separate Scripting object. The environment i put my code does not have any proxy settings in the IE, and i dint get any proxy error while adding a webreferance there Hi pepole: I have been through ways of failure for this, finally got right one.1. In Reference.cs, change following clause to the new one:this.

You can specify a null reference before adding the schema to the Xml Schema Collection. Schema Namespace Validation Sample Class Sample Public Shared Sub Main() Dim tr As New Xml Text Reader("Head Count.xml") Dim vr As New Xml Validating Reader(tr) vr.

An empty string ("") should be used for schemas without a namespace.

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